About this site

Welcome to AI Bites! My name is Shrinivasan Sankar and I am the founder and content creator of AI Bites.

I am here to help you understand AI concepts and research papers by providing clear and concise explanations. I will explain the most impactful papers and ideas in Computer Vision, Machine (Deep) Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning and Generative Models. I am a Machine Learning Research Engineer by profession.

Why AI Bites

As a former member of the University of Oxford Visual Geometry Group (VGG group), I have worked with world leading scientists from leading research labs. While I may be privileged to join a top research labs, I want to share my learning and help you be at your best. During my MSc in Computer Vision I noticed some students with fantastic programming skills struggle to understand mathematical terms and equations in papers. I found my strength in understanding and explaining these papers to them in simple terms. So here I am to leverage those skills to help you in your journey.

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